Masterwood Joinery

Masterwood Concept Kitchen
For The Larger Home

With its elegant long span Ceasarstone(R) breakfast and entertaining bar extending at right angles from the substantial island, the size of scale of this concept leaves no doubt that the kitchen is the hub of the home. This is also a concept designed to open your eyes to the possibilities and benefits of Masterwood custom designing, manufacturing and installing a kitchen tailor-made to your aspirations and budget.

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The long span bar finished in Ceasarstone® is table size by design and at a comfortable 'lean on' height. Cornerstone® is an engineered and highly resilient stone surfacing material comprising 94% natural quartz aggregates.

In contrast to the dark of the long span bar, the island is surfaced with satin finish 5mm stainless steel with seamlessly integrated twin sinks.

More than just a source of cooktop lighting, this is state-of-the art technology for capturing cooking fumes, eliminating odours and purifying the air.

A kitchen without a refrigerator? Not at all. Simply slide this door, which as you push very cleverly lifts out and along, to not only reveal the refrigerator but yet more storage. Lots of storage, including a dark oak wine rack. This, after all, is a concept kitchen for those who love entertaining.

Motorised kitchen cabinetry may sound futuristic but it is very real. Lightly tap on this pantry door. Gently push closed. You've just experienced BLUMOTION -- perfect motion for kitchens by Blum of Austria.

Innovative functionality and beauty of purpose are at your fingertips when you explore cupboards and drawers on the working side of the island. Just how seriously European designers approach kitchen waste recycling can be seen by opening the drawer below the sinks. Directly under the cooktop, instead of pulling the drawer open, push it lightly.

Hidden behind cupboards and drawers on the entertainment side of the island are a number of 'wow' revelations. Glass shelves brought to life by strip LED's. Dark finish cabinetry interiors that work to draw attention to contents. A chest style bar refrigerator that doesn't shout its presence.