Masterwood Joinery

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Masterwood Kitchen Design & Interior Ideas Showroom

Between 8.30am and 5:00pm weekdays, come in and be wowed by the Masterwood Joinery showroom at 28 McNulty Road, Cromwell - just three quarters of an hour from Queenstown, only half an hour from Wanaka and on the main Dunedin and Invercargill highways. Currently we feature two concept kitchens and a wall of storage possibilities for the bedroom, bathroom, lounge and laundry. Plus, we have photo displays, bench top material samples and consultant staff on hand.

Beautiful on the outside, intelligent on the inside.
No obligation, and no pressure, our showroom is the opportunity to not just be wowed by Masterwood standards of design, build and finish, but to reach out and touch… to open up a host of storage and convenience possibilities. It is something of a revelation to many kitchen buyers to see and experience for themselves just how much intelligence and brilliant hardware innovation is hidden behind the beautiful finishes of Masterwood cupboard and drawer fronts.
Interactive Guides to the Masterwood Showroom Concept Kitchens and Interior Storage Solutions
When distance and time may be against visiting the Masterwood Kitchen Design and Interiors Showroom, we bring you the next best thing – interactive guides. These are based on our printed showroom guides but with the addition of descriptive call outs actioned by placing your cursor on a Masterwood logo.

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Insight into the world of interior storage solutions

Masterwood design, manufacturing and installation extends beyond kitchens to the whole of a home or commercial premises. The end wall of our showroom is used to further show that when it is Masterwood it's beautiful on the outside, intelligent inside.

  • Even in a lounge or bedroom, drawers can be fitted with technology to self open and self close.
  • Opening drawers of the display unit will reveal that interiors need not be drab or boring.
  • Hidden LED lighting strips that can bring a new dimension to display ornaments
  • Wardrobe lift that makes the most of hanging clothes storage in a floor to ceiling wardrobe.
  • Fold away mirrors that bring new meaning to form and function.
  • A whole range of European storage solutions that include a laundry hamper, chrome tubing show racks, pull out wood veneer shoe rack, pull out tie rack and solid wood drawer organiser.
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Kitchen Design and Inside Stories

On entering our showroom one of the first things to do is pick up our printed guides for an introduction to two concept kitchens and the time and labour saving inside stories that include: