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computer alcove 1

Clever use of space in this Masterwood designed and built kitchen has created an office alcove that among its benefits allows 'walk past, non-intrusive' monitoring of family activity on the computer.

natural wood fridge drawer 1

Built-in furniture is very much part of Masterwood capabilities. This photo shows a cocktail cabinet with drawer refrigerator discreetly masked by wood grain panelling.

different Bob's cove 1

Masterwood Joinery not only crafted the kitchen of this stunning Lake Wakatipu home but also the clever island between kitchen and lounge that allows the wood burner to be positioned centrally rather than against an exterior wall. Not only is this a masterful design element, complete with log storage, it is highly functional contributing to efficient heat distribution.

built in joinery

Built-in furniture can not only contribute to the enjoyment of a home but as shown in this example of a Masterwood interior project provide useful storage space.

wardrobe but need better pix

As with kitchen cabinets, today's wardrobes can house all manner of innovations to not only maximise space but also better care for clothing, shoes and other contents.